Mahwāēw (Wolf) Collection

Mahwāēw (Wolf) Collection

A Menominee Clan-Based Collection of Indigenous Knowledge.

The Mahwāēw  Clan are the the hunters and gathers. With those clan strengths, comes knowledge. In this collection you will find sub-collections that are affiliated with this clan's bundle of knowledge.

Some collections kept in this community are:


  • Hunting stories & songs
  • Forest & Animal IK
  • Ethnobotany
  • Forest Management
  • Seasonal Gathering



*As we learn more about the clans from the community and continue to consult with the people, sub-collections can be re-oriented under a better suited Clan-Based Collection of Indigenous Knowledge. We aspire to grow our understanding of the Menominee Clan System so that we may include additional clans and their strengths. These Clan-Based Collections of Indigenous Knowledge are an opportunity to indigenize how we gather and look for cultural heritage materials.

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